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Sunday, 7 January 2018


Hey guys, it's been a long time and I didn't plan for it, from school stress to going to the village for Christmas and dealing with a spoiled phone.... It wasn't easy but I'm back now.
We are going to be slaying this year with new looks and trend and for my first post this year, I'm starting with the popular palazzo pant(my new found favorite).

Happy Christmas and new year FAM, let's do more and 'blow' this year.
Let's get started for today, just like the vintage and denim skirt trend, palazzo pant is a 'comeback' from 60s and 70s, it is a light wide-leg pant which started trending last year and has spread like wild fire.

Personally, I'm in love with them pant, I feel so free, comfy(comfortable) and in a way it makes dressing more interesting.

Here are 6 looks I've put together to inspire/help you style your palazzo pant and if you are not a into it, trust me after seeing them styles, you will totally fall in love.

1. Palazzo pant X oversized white shirt with heels: just as I love palazzo pant, I find myself falling so hard for oversized white shirt, they don't just make you look super interesting but make you comfy.

2. Palazzo pant X blue crop top with heels: I've always love crop tops and to think that they go 'hand in hand' with palazzo, I totally love the combo(combination).

3. Palazzo X black chiffon shirt with sandal: I decided to go really simple on this look and look how nice it is.

4. Palazzo X white polo with flat white shoe:
I think this is my favorite look, I can't stop admiring myself in this.

5. Palazzo X black bra top and denim jacket with boot: denim jack and palazzo is a must have, love how lovely the pieces merged.

6. Palazzo X off shoulder top with boot: this came out simple but interesting.

Palazzo - boutique
Crop top - gift
Boot - gift
Off shoulder top - gift
White shoe - ibom store
Heel - got from bestie
Black chiffon - gift
White polo - roadside store
White shirt - thrifted store
Glasses - roadside vendor
Denim jack: momma's wardrobe

Photo credit: black pineapple
Mua: my friend

Which is your favorite look and why - comment box open to all.
Did you notice my new hair? What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this, see you next time.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Dear Blog, I am down for you and I'm never giving up. My life took a new turn since I found you on the 10th of October, normally I don't keep dates but yours is different, the day I meet you is fresh in my head.
In a short time You, like no other turned me into a happier person and changed my life completely, I can't thank you enough.

I live each day, knowing I have somewhere to pour my emotions, thoughts, challenges and experiences, each day, I live knowing that I saved/informed one more person. I live fulfilled each day knowing that one person has join the 'phiyah'style gang' and above all, I learn fabulous and interesting things each day, things I would never have learnt without you, things I couldn't have laid my fingers on, you also brought great and fabulous  people, the lights of Esther Adeniyi, Cassie Daves, Maryanne and Rachel closer to me. God knows I can't thank you enough for every thing you've done for me.

PS: This letter isn't written to Phiyah'style blog! It is to you reading this, you are the blog maker, without you there's no blog, you read every single thing on this blog either boring, with no sense of humor or amazing, you don't know how happy you make me feel, lord know I'm really grateful, thank you. I love y'all and let me know you're here, you can also add your blog ID on the comment box


Sunday, 10 December 2017


good morning cuties, trust you had a wonderful weekend like i did

On saturday, I was stung by a bee for the first time in my life. A friend of mine hung her shirt in the line and before we knew it bees were everywhere around it so everyone was scared to get closer not to talk of carrying the shirt from the line. When I saw all of them screaming, I was like common bee, y'all are shouting, what if it's a snake?

In my quest for the position of 'HEROINE' I majestically walked down the stairs, went to the line where the shirt was (truth is, I wasn't really scared), stared at the bees, then attempted to remove the shirt, 'BOOM' the whole thing got scattered and started coming after me. I guess I was shocked cause I heard a voice shouting "RUN". I started running but unlunkily for me, your heroine got served - a hot sting(by only one bee). It wasn't really painful, twas just hot, too bad, i didn't know what to do, i had to do a little research so you won't be in my shoes.

This will help you render a home treatment to yourself, a friend or anyone if they get a bee sting, all you have to do is

* Remove the bee stinger ~ this can be done by using your finger nails to scrape out the stinger from the 'sting site'
* wash the site with soap and water for sterilization
* then apply either one of the following

1. Honey
2. Toothpaste ~ I prefer closeup
3. Aloe vera
4. Ice
You might want to take pain reliever as it would reduce the pain.

N/B: It will itch you, don't fall for it cause it will only get worst, if the pain persist after all these then go see a doctor.

have ever been stung by a bee?
share with us your 'BeExperience'


Saturday, 9 December 2017


I don't know how to write - well ofcos that's what i use to say to myself, i felt ashamed each time I try to sketch out words from my feelings, i did stop writing but know this, the only way to improve is writing.

During my small little break I learnt something, something I've always known but never practiced, something that works like magic, it's cures self doubt faster than and drugs, if it continuously taken - inasmuch as you need is, don't take overdose, it might develop to a bigger problem.

On one of cassie daves posts on instagram, she talked about her insecurity and asked to share ours, I had to let someone hear my heart cry and so I on the comment section told her, "I love writing but I don't think i can, her reply, is one of the reasons I am typing this today.

oh, no you should totally write if you love writing, I found out that gassing myself makes me feel a lot better..
i started to gas myself and gassing myself has made me realize that I can do better, gassing has been my antidote and I'm pretty sure you can do a lot more if you start gassing yourself instead of beating yourself for your imperfection which is humane.

practice gassing everyday, you could talk or write short notes to yourself - who says it can be long, it's your choice anyways.

get in the comment box let's interact
how do you deal with self doubt?
have ever gassed yourself? then how do you do it?


Tuesday, 21 November 2017


this Outfit was inspired by cassieDaves - a blogger I admire so much
Outfit: print shirt X plain red skirt on a flat shoe

Lately, life has been throwing different shades at me, the worst part is I can't even explain it, I've been really depressed and  tired, yesterday I couldn't continue, I broke down and almost gave up but then I thought about the reason I started, I'm not the type easily give up, I told myself I'm the best and I can't stop now, I'm not what they say I am, I'm going to work for my own name.

I thought about you guys and couldn't get myself to agree to closing down this blog so here I am again punching my keyboard, I know it's been a while and I'm sorry I did leave but I'm back now.

Amidst all these things I found a way to be happy, so here is what I've been up to lately

1. CREATING FRIENDSHIP: I didn't have much friends before I came to the hostel but now, I think it's completely the opposite, I don't just have ordinary friends, I've friends that are worth having, friend that have supported me so far in little ways the can and I appreciate that.

shout out to good friends:

 This is Rachel - a food and lifestyle blogger, she just started but trust me she's good, she's also an amazing friend, please do check her blog here

 This is Dawnslyn - she's not just beautiful, she's everything in one person, I'll simply say she's a perfect friend.
Meet Swizzy - I don't know how she did it but I gat mad love for her, she's an amazing person too, she has definitely been of great help to me and i can't help but appreciate her.

 Vera is a perfect friend, she has been supporting and advising me in everything, she's always keeping in touch and encouraging me no matter how far we are. Thank you Vera.

They are not just four - I'll take all your time if I want to introduce you to all my new found love ones so let's skip for now.

2. THRIFTING: I use to be ashamed of thrifting but reading a lot on it, I've come to realize that there's nothing to be ashamed of, Thrifting is now my thing and i can't get enough - especially when I'm with Dawnslyn.

See some clothes I got from thrifting and how good I looked on them

Read more »


Sunday, 5 November 2017


I've seen ladies who don't like to live the way they do, they desire a life very different from theirs or should I say the want to be like this person or that person - I can totally relate to this — use to be my life and I sure know it can be frustrating when you keep trying and fail, not to worry I've put up the right steps for you. These steps will teach you how to be grow into your desired  'YOU' person.

1. Who do you want to be like and why? — your first step is knowing your desired woman and why you want to fit into her shoes, as you meditate you can write it down. Get a concrete reason for wanting to be like her.

2. How different are you from your desired woman? —  continue by discovering the difference between you two, you can also write this down.

3. Are you ready to adjust? — your desired woman made some sacrifices to be desired today, are you willing to change and make those sacrifices?

4. Get to work — time to work hard, time to break those old habit, time to make sacrifices.

5. Don't go hard on yourself: understand that changing into a new person and breaking old habits are difficult tasks and you can't do that overnight, but you definitely can do it — if I could then you can, so don't give up on yourself, make mistakes and learn from it.

I hope this few steps help you in your journey of becoming the woman you've always dreamt to be, don't forget to drop more steps if you know on the comment box.

Photo credit: Elizabeth ibia



On this Post, I talked about how well we'd get to know each other as time goes on, so here are 21 facts you should know about me:

1. I'm beautiful, I know right, you know that part but I just think I should remind in case you've forgotten.

2. I'm honest

3. I'm a loyal pelsin I mean no matter how fucked up you're, if I'm down for you, I'm down for you.

4. I'm a meatie, I don't care about goof sorry food, just give me the meat. I remember in my year one when I tried to become a vegetarian, I didn't last 2hours, meat kept calling my name and I finally succumbed.

5. My favorite drink is mirinda, I've never tried it but I'm sure I can finish a crate within 24hours

6. My favorite musician is Taylor Swift, oh how I love her, her songs are just perfect, most times I think she's singing about/to me.

7. I've shoe fever, I don't really do heels but I love sneakers.

8. I'm in love with God.

9. I'm not good at keeping friends but if you're down for me then we could go a long way - my longest friendship is 4years.

10. I'm a phone presser, like mum would say 'Mary you too like to press phone' *lol* if we get award for pressing phone, I think I'll get the 'best phone presser' award every year.

11. I'm lazy, very very.

12. I love dancing but I'm a disgrace to dance-hood - I'm so bad at it.

13. I love fashion.

14. My favorite color is yellow, bright and unique.

15. I'm a very difficult person but if you pay attention you'd never regret knowing me

16. I'm an introvert but I know how to talk too much only if I'm comfortable around you.

17. I'm a lover of music

18. I've trust issues, serious one.

19. I dislike lousy people. Elot!!!

20. I love attention but hate it when I'm the center of attraction.

21. I love you, yes you, taking out time to read this post and I sure know you'd drop a comment.

I'm done with me, get in the comment box and share random facts about you.